Deadly Class Recap: Bad Things Come In Threes In The Clampdown


The Deadly Class crew is put inside a pressure cooker this week when Master Lin decides to declare a lockdown at King’s Dominion in order to find out who’s behind the recent deaths of two students, Chico and Yukio. Of course we know that Maria is the killer in both cases, but at first it’s unclear how that information is going to help anyone.

In the end, however, it becomes obvious that the kids should have trusted Master Lin all along. Facing pressure from his domineering younger sister, Lin resorts to torturing Marcus physically and psychologically until he breaks—which is for the best, because now that Lin has the information, he can tailor the story to satisfy each interested party’s requirement for revenge.

With one fire extinguished (Lin tells Diablo that Chico and Yukio both died as a result of a drug deal gone sour), only a half-dozen remain. The latest: Shabnam, Viktor, and Brandy Lynn have all been spying on Marcus and reporting their findings to Madame Gao. Shab brought her Marcus’ journal while Viktor knows the contents of a note passed to Marcus during the lockdown. It’s likely that both documents will reveal all kinds of dangerous information about what Marcus and his friends have been up to (the ill-fated Vegas trip, the location of Chico’s head, the fact that Marcus didn’t really burn down the boys’ home).

Things are still tense (okay, tense-er) between Maria and Saya, too. Their respective crews are at war over Yukio’s death and Maria is convinced that Saya is out to get her (when in reality, it’s Maria’s crew that wants Saya dead). It’s complicated and the fact that Yukio betrayed Saya and Maria knew about it but didn’t tell her makes things even messier. It’s a small miracle that both Saya and Maria come out of this episode alive. Lucky for them, they’re both main characters.

With the lockdown over (and with it, Lex and Billy’s chances of ever having a ménage à trois with Petra) Marcus gathers his King’s Dominion family for a confession. Determined that there be no more secrets between them, he tells them all about Chico’s head still being in Chester’s possession and about the deadline they’re all under before the head makes a most unpleasant reappearance in their lives.


Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.