Deadly Class Recap: Morality, Guilt, And Noise, Noise, Noise

Marcus’ secret is out. Thanks to Saya, Master Lin now knows that Marcus wasn’t behind the torching of his home for wayward boys — the very act that seemingly got him into King’s Dominion in the first place. How much does it suck to be blamed for something (by the cops, by the crazy half-charred animal abuser we met at the end of the episode) but not get credit for it with the people who’d actually be impressed by that kind of thing? Master Lin is playing some serious head games with our emotionally fragile protagonist. How long before Marcus cracks? Our guess? After about a week or so of rooming with Shabnam.

After surviving a class punishment doled out by Master Lin (courtesy of Willie’s unconvincing ‘I killed Rory’ braggadocio), the half-poisoned teens decide that the best way to blow off steam is at a house party hosted (unwillingly) by Shabnam. When the parents are away, the junior assassins will play… where play equals breaking hearts, walking around naked, and poisoning the pet goldfish. Kinda lame, but what high school party isn’t?


The only one missing out on the fun is Maria. Her controlling boyfriend Chico has demanded she join him for a romantic evening out, during which he reminisces about the old days, shares his plans for their future, and shoots a man execution-style in the backseat of a car. That, says Chico, is to teach Maria a lesson: cross him again (like she did when she asked Marcus to take him out) and he’ll kill her like it’s NBD (because for a total psychopath like Chico, it isn’t). If only Maria could go back to the moment when she saved Chico from being poisoned by Master Lin’s homework assignment.

Still struggling to fit in, Marcus is also now struggling with his guilt over killing Rory. We find out in a comic book-style flashback that the reason Willie is taking credit for it in such a showy way is due to an accident in which he shot his own father. If his secret gets out, he’s dead. But all of Willie’s boasting is driving Marcus mad. Like, throw-a-drink-in-Brandy’s-face mad. And listen-to-the-Smiths-on-your-Walkman-at-a-party mad. Like the weird, pot-smoking, middle-aged man who showed up at this high school party, it’s not cute.


After Willie saves Marcus from being recognised by the cops when the party gets busted, Master Lin steps in to help him with his whole morality problem. He takes him to Rory’s funeral, where Marcus unleashes a tirade about who Rory really was (yes, in front of all the mourners). The guy was wanted for six homicides. Marcus was doing the world a favour. Maybe he’ll even get a shout out from the King’s Dominion cheer squad at the next pep rally!

Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.