Deadly Class’ Benjamin Wadsworth Talks Filming A Two-Week Party Scene


The first episode of Deadly Class is intense in every sense of the word—from the introduction of Marcus’ (Benjamin Wadsworth) distressing backstory and Master Lin’s (Benedict Wong) startling take no prisoners attitude to Marcus and Willie’s (Luke Tennie) swift (and anguished, in Willie’s case) murder of Rory.

The second episode, “Noise, Noise, Noise,” on the other hand, gives the viewing audience a bit of a reprieve in the form of a wild Can’t Hardly Wait-esque house party, complete with a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven, underage drinking, and unrequited confessions of love. This being Deadly Class, however, the show’s characters leave the party with more than mild hangovers and a few crazy stories.

In our exclusive interview, Wadsworth discusses filming Deadly Class‘ party scene and where he thinks Marcus’ relationships with each of the show’s main characters will go throughout the season. Check out the full interview below, and watch “Noise, Noise, Noise,” here.