Deadly Class Season Finale Recap: Sink With California Or Swim Alone


While the rest of the world is “Asleep” (sorry, we can’t resist a blatant Smiths reference when Deadly Class makes it so easy), Marcus, Saya, and the rest of the King’s Dominion crew carry out their attack on Casa Shabnam (aka the Hillbilly Hotel now inhabited by Chester and his family). It goes well! Until it goes badly. Chester seems to be ready for Marcus’ messy, explosives-driven ambush (the two-foot thick steel door he’s had installed says it all). Still, the King’s Dominion kids put their book learning to good use and take out a ton of hillbillies in the process.

Which isn’t to say it’s easy. Everyone gets their turn at almost dying, but again and again the crew steps in and saves each other last-minute style. Although there is that awkward exception when Maria comes seriously close to letting Saya die because of her transgressions with Marcus. Despite the hillbillies’ advantage in terms of firepower, the crew from King’s Dominion prevails—but the consequences for their friendship are dire. Saya is furious with all of them, telling Maria that the crew is nothing but a bunch of ticks draining her and dragging her down. She’s the first to bail when the dust has seemingly settled, leaving Marcus to fight Chester on his own. From there, everything falls apart.


Petra and Billy retreat to the rendezvous point. As viewers, we assume Lex has gone with them. Why, WHY didn’t Lex go with them?! Chester has Marcus bound and gagged in the basement and is filming his warped version of a late night talk show (insert a moment of gratitude that this man did not make it to the age of reality TV here). Marcus, however, escapes by pretending to be his pal, braining Chester with a brick and then releasing the dogs to do their worst. That they do—a poetic bit of canine justice is served. But Marcus’ woes aren’t over yet. Maria is waiting upstairs to confront him. Marcus brings Chico’s head to the break up and still he gets dumped.

Want more bad news? We’ve got it. After a terribly injured Lin and his daughter escape Diablo and his henchmen (only to fall directly into the clutches of Madame Gao), Diablo tracks down Maria and catches her and Marcus with Chico’s rotting old noggin. Unfairly, it’s Lex that takes a bullet for their crimes. And that’s where Season 1 leaves us—clutching our sinking hearts and wondering when and if we’ll return to California and Deadly Class for a second instalment of the series. Fingers crossed.


Check out the full episode below, and become a student at King’s Dominion with our Deadly Class Facebook camera effect here.