David Lynch Does His Own Stunts In New Donut-Centric Twin Peaks Trailer

Controversial opinion: the best TV theme music to eat a donut to is the Twin Peaks theme music.

You can disagree if you want to, but we’ve got David Lynch on our side. In the newest trailer for the the upcoming series reboot, Lynch enjoys a donut of the classic glazed variety for a full 17 seconds (it’s basically an ASMR video with pastry instead of whispering) before the clip cuts to the town’s iconic population sign. Aside: is the sign neglected or has no one moved to Twin Peaks in decades?

In addition to writing and directing credits, Lynch will reprise his role as Gordon Cole in the show’s return. And it looks like the former FBI agent’s recent promotion to Deputy Director came with some perks—like the high-tech new hearing aids he wears in the trailer.

Twin Peaks returns on TMN in 2017. Check out the new trailer below: