5 Key Things You Should Know Going Into Dark Souls 3

With the North American release of Dark Souls 3 swiftly approaching, there are veteran fans of the series (as well as newcomers) eagerly awaiting its arrival. In the games, the lore is usually very well hidden, but is still a major part of the experience. Let’s take a look at the five most important things to know about the story so far.

1. The Curse of Undeath


In the world of Dark Souls, the Curse of Undeath is an epidemic. Anyone who possesses the Dark Sign (the mark of the curse) is shepherded to the Undead Asylum in an attempt to remove the curse from society. Those afflicted will continue to revive after death, over and over again, until every shred of their humanity is gone, leaving them as nothing more than a mindless hollow. Even the strong-willed cannot escape this fate forever, but perhaps a Chosen Undead can end this horrible curse?

2. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder


Lord Gwyn was the great Lord of Sunlight, who conjured powerful lightning bolts, which he used to slay the Eternal Dragons of legend. He ushered in an age of fire and prosperity for his people by linking the first flame. It did not last long, however, and soon darkness loomed again and the Age of Man was at hand. Fearing this, he sacrificed his soul to link the flame again and stave off the darkness. Reduced to the Lord of Cinder, his hollowed form remained to test a Chosen Undead and allow him to link the flame once more—or to let it fade to darkness.

3. Manus, Father of the Abyss


Manus was the source of the Abyss, which corrupted all who encountered it. The Chosen Undead ventured back in time and slayed the mighty beast, halting its spread. This did not destroy the darkness, though. Shards of his soul remained, and eventually grew strong enough to take form, and begin to corrupt the world once again. The Bearer of the Curse encountered and destroyed these shards in Dark Souls 2, but is Manus’ influence truly gone?

4. King Vendrick/Drangleic


Long after the events of the original Dark Souls, King Vendrick rose to power, and built the kingdom of Drangleic. He was obsessed with learning about the soul, and using its power to break the curse of Undeath. In the end, he sealed himself away to ensure his powerful soul could never be used by his wife to spread darkness once more. It was from journeying into Vendrick’s memories that the Bearer of the Curse was able to learn the whereabouts of the other shards of Manus and kill them in an attempt to rid the world of the shadow of the Abyss forever.

5. Lords of Cinder Arise

Giant Lord of Cinder

Leading up to Dark Souls 3, former Lords of Cinder are rising from the dead. Why previous heroes, who once sacrificed themselves to link the fire are reviving, and what they want remains a mystery, but in a new twist the player will not be undead. Instead, they will be an “unkindled,” who can use an ember to become a Lord of Cinder in a quest to survive an oncoming apocalypse brought about by the struggle of light and dark throughout the series so far. What will happen next is anyone’s guess, but one thing that’s for sure is you’ll be dying over and over again to find out!

Dark Souls 3 is out April 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Check out the killer opening cinematic trailer below.