The Cast Of Dark Matter Tells Toronto ComiCon What To Expect From Season 2

When the cast of Dark Matter visited the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for Fan Expo in September, the show’s first season had just come to an end. While no new episodes have aired in the intervening six months, the series has continued to evolve. Returning to the MTCC on Saturday for Toronto ComiCon, the cast explained that eight new episodes are in the can—they’re currently shooting number nine—and the new season is living up to their lofty expectations. You won’t get a chance to see those new episodes for several months, but here’s a preview of what’s to come.

One new actress


The ComiCon panel introduced fans to Melanie Liburd, a new member of the Dark Matter cast—who will also appear in the sixth season of Game of Thrones. While little is known about Liburd’s character, she did reveal the basics. “She has a special skill set,” the actress explained. “Kind of heightened killer instincts. We’ve had some great fun working with the head of the stunt team John Stead. He’s wonderful. And I got to have lots of fights.”

Two has a secret


“Season two picks up with us in galactic authority prison,” said Melissa O’Neil, adding that her character has a unique advantage. “Two is the only person who wakes up knowing who betrayed us because she has that moment where she saw him before he zapped her out. We see how that relationship kind of figures itself out.”

Three explores new territory


Most sci-fi shows offer new eye candy every season, but Anthony Lemke says Dark Matter is going the extra mile. “We have an entirely second studio that’s full of sets you guys haven’t seen,” he explained. “There’s a little bit of every actor—or at least this actor—that never really left playing in the cool stuff in your basement. The tickle trunk and making spaceships underneath the stairs. To walk into a completely new set… and be able to play in that world has been a highlight.”

Four does more


There are good reasons for the characters in Dark Matter to have trust issues, but Four is especially paranoid. According to Alex Mallari Jr., you can expect more of this in season two. “We visit his storyline even more this year,” he revealed. “He gets to discover a bit more of himself. He already had a hard time trusting whoever was around him. Season two takes off and it’s even harder.”

Five turns badass


“In season two, Five gets to go on a lot more adventures,” said Jodelle Ferland. “She’s a lot more involved and she gets to be a little more badass than she was in season one.” According to actress, we’ll also find out why Five is “so mysterious and why she says these strange things all the time.”

Season two of Dark Matter premieres on Space in July.