The Dark Matter Cast Still Has Plenty Of Fight In The Season 2 Premiere

Now that the first episode of Dark Matter has premiered, it’s time to revisit the highlights. As the episode gets underway, Two, Three, and Four are in a complete state of confusion. They don’t know where they are and they don’t know how they got there, but before they have a chance to speculate, a voice instructs them to strip and they’re sprayed with some kind of disinfectant. After being handed some new threads, they set foot in their unwelcoming new home: a maximum-security galactic detention facility known as Hyperion-8.


Meanwhile, Five wakes up with a headache in the facility’s staff wing. Within a few minutes, she learns that the crew of the Raza has been betrayed by Six and most of them are now locked up in cells. Needless to say, she’s feeling a little betrayed.


Struggling to adapt to prison life, Three wastes no time making enemies. First, a trio of hostile inmates approach, insisting that he owes them money for a bank job they did together. While Three has no recollection of this, measures are taken to jog his memory.


As a down payment, these disgruntled inmates demand Three’s ration card, only to be scared off by new cast member Melanie Liburd. Three experiences a brief moment of gratitude, but this mysterious visitor also wants his ration card—and she’s willing to fight for it.


As Four can attest, fighting is a crucial ingredient in the latest episode of Dark Matter. When a group of inmates interrupts one of his meals, he readily accepts their challenge.


Underestimated by his fellow inmates, Four is forced to beat up several attackers, launching a full-scale brawl—that guards quickly quell.


Meanwhile, Two manages to keep conflict to a minimum, as she is placed in solitary confinement. However, there is one reassuring perk to her predicament: she has access to simulated nature.


When it comes time for Three to have some food, he opts for a uniquely unappetizing smoothie on a plate, making escape an increasingly attractive option.


Eventually, Two, Three, and Four get a chance to reunite and share stories of their prison frustrations. When Three wonders if they really have any chance of escaping this “inescapable prison on a moon with no atmosphere,” Two is quick to set him straight.


To find out where Dark Matter’s second season goes from here, tune in on July 8 at 10e 7p.