Two And Three Reveal Dark Matter’s Darkest Secrets (Sort Of)

Is Three the most loyal member of the Dark Matter crew? Maybe. Is it because he has no one else? Err, yes. Melissa O’Neil (Two) and Anthony Lemke (Three) reveal the harsh truths of life in space, where your name’s been replaced by a number and your social life is, like space itself, a vacuum in this interview clip about the show’s upcoming third season (returning to Space this Friday, June 9).

The pair discuss which storylines they’d like to see happen on the series (including Lemke’s itch to get a better look behind the mask of a certain mysterious character) and discuss the dental procedure required after an epic on-set accident that occurred when Two and Three locked lips in Season 2’s eighth episode.

To find out more about that and to hear how Lemke likes to start (and end) every take, check out the hilarious and informative clip below: