Daisy Ridley Explains Why Shooting The Last Jedi Was A Constant Struggle

Daisy Ridley already had plenty of TV experience under her belt by the time she landed the role of Rey in 2015’s The Force Awakens. Of course, this is still the role that brought her to the attention of most filmgoers, catapulting her to the many exciting opportunities she’s enjoyed over the last couple years. In other words, she owes much of her success to Star Wars, but don’t tell that to Ridley, who recently made it known that she doesn’t care for her performance in Episode VII. “I don’t think I was good in the first film,” she told Elle, acknowledging that this weighed heavily on her while shooting The Last Jedi. “I was struggling with that.”

The other major issue Ridley was confronting while on the set of The Last Jedi was the actress’ separation from her Force Awakens sidekick, John Boyega. “It’s not this big adventure that I’m on with John,” she said of her experience shooting Episode VIII. “I was thinking I did the first one because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into and I was having loads of fun, and suddenly I’m realizing what this actually is, and I can’t f**king do this. I’m highly dramatic, so it’s all, ‘Oh my God’… finally I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is working.’”

See the results of Ridley’s crisis of confidence when The Last Jedi arrives in theatres on December 15—and check out the trailer below.