Watch Daisy Ridley Get Bombarded (Again) By Josh Gad And Other Celebs With Star Wars Questions

It looks like Josh Gad is back at it again, trying to get Star Wars spoilers out of his Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley.

But this time the Frozen actor—and ultimate Star Wars ally of the people—called in A-list reinforcements, hoping to better the chances of finally getting some answers.

In what Gad deems as his “final battle” to get answers, he lures Ridley to his home under false pretenses,—swearing he is done trying to pry answers out of her—revealing other celebrities are just around the corner with many questions of their own.

Ridley gets bombarded with questions from Bryce Dallas Howard, Tom Bateman, Penelope Cruz, Chris Pratt (sort of) and one person we are fairly certain has all the answers, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams.

Previously, Gad has tried twice to get answers from Ridley and even kicked things up a notch by recruiting the legendary Judi Dench to ambush Ridley, but still resulted in no luck. It seems big name celebrities are just like us, having zero patience for the arrival of The Last Jedi.

With Gad’s quest over, it looks like we will all just have to wait for The Last Jedi to hit theatres December 15, 2017 for answers.