Photographer And Conservationist Cristina Mittermeier On The Climate Change Conversation

Climate change is here and like most things that exist, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Cristina Mittermeier is a photographer, a writer, a conservationist, and a National Geographic Ambassador who talked with us about how we can make some changes.

Ajay and I journeyed to the Sony Centre here in Toronto to meet up with Mittermeier, who had an even longer journey from Los Angeles. Despite being on a red eye flight, her energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Starting off in science, Mittermeier ventured into photography because she saw it as a way to “hook people into a conversation.”

In Toronto, she presented the Years of Living Dangerously Season 2 premiere and talked with the audience about tackling the issue.  Obviously the change in politics south of the border makes that task more challenging, but Mittermeier sees lifestyle and personal choices as the key to moving past politics. Who you support with your money, what you include in your diet can also be tools for the cause.

The most interesting thing I took from the interview was most people who deny climate change come from wealthy countries who are heavily insulated from its affects and that peoples who are affected by climate change aren’t waiting for anyone to acknowledge it. They know it’s real and they are migrating because of it. With one planet we all exist on it’s important to pay attention to these affects and the bigger problems behind it.