Coco Gets The Vibrant Home Video Release It Deserves


If you have a 4K-capable television and Blu-ray player, you haven’t taken full advantage of it till you’ve seen Coco on 4K Ultra HD. Easily the most beloved animated film of the year (it won an Oscar and, more importantly, we praised it in our theatrical review), Coco is one of Pixar’s most imaginative films to date, and absolutely its most visually appealing.

Whether you’re watching the film on Blu-ray or splendid 4K Ultra HD, Coco’s Land of the Dead setting is popping with colourful eye-candy. Of course, the flawless 4K presentation rivals the theatrical experience, but the Blu-ray isn’t lagging too far behind. The only real edge 4K has is in terms of colours, which are unequivocally lusher. Thankfully, the audio quality is equally rich and expansive on both formats, which is important for such a music-centric film such as this.

As for supplements, this isn’t the most stacked assortment of extras, but there are some gems worth giving a spin.

Directing duo Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, as well as producer Darla Anderson, provide a highly engaging commentary track that dives deeply into the film’s characters, plot, and all the work that went into creating such a distinctive backdrop.

Fans of deleted and extended scenes are given seven memorable moments lasting just over 30 minutes. The only caveat is many of them are still in storyboard form, which makes a lot of financial sense.

Another rather unique extra is “Mi Familia,” in which the filmmakers share their own eccentric family anecdotes that also helped inspire the film.

“A Thousand Pictures a Day” is a meaty featurette that sees the Coco team travelling through Mexico in order to learn about its culture and of course the Day of the Dead festivities.

If you’ve seen Coco, you know that music plays a hefty role in the film. Luckily “Music” gives us a closer look at the sweet sounds behind the film.

If you want to know more about what led the filmmakers to working for Pixar and ultimately making Coco, “Paths to Pixar” is just the ticket.

A pair of short-but-sweet extras, “Dante” tells us about the breed (Xoloitzcuintli) that inspired the film’s scene-stealing dog, and “How to Draw a Skeleton” and “How to Make Papel Picado” offer kid-friendly tutorials.

Last but not least is an informative look at the fashion behind the film, more deets on the Land of the Dead, trailers galore, and a hilarious video of Anthony Gonzalez learning that he got the part. You gotta love that kid.

Coco is available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital. Check out the trailer below.