Class Season Finale Recap: Patrick Ness Leaves Us In The Hands Of Quantum-Locked Killers

Imagine a conversation between Class showrunner Patrick Ness and Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat in which Ness casually asks Moffat if he can borrow the Who universe’s most terrifying monster… just for an episode (and maybe a major second season story arc?). It was awesome to see Peter Capaldi in the spin-off’s premiere but the finale appearance of the Weeping Angels—those stone-faced assassins that ended Amy and Rory’s travels with the Doctor—had us yelling at our screens. Well. Played.


The idea that the Angels are no longer working alone, that some other alien race (which headteacher Ames and her faceless bloc of Governors appear to belong to) is aiding them fueled by an apparent religious fervor, is, uh, terrifying. Real talk: the Angels make the Shadow Kin look like kittens. Kittens that seem to have killed off Ram’s dad, Tanya’s mum, and April’s… body? To say nothing of the tens of thousands of Rhodian souls that Charlie set free from the Cabinet so that they could take out the Shadow Kin entirely. Looks like that whole mythology about Rhodian rebirth was just a bedtime story.


BUT BACK TO THE ANGELS. The Governors, who’ve been on the other side of a locked Coal Hill Academy door marked “EverUpwardReach” this whole time, are preparing for “The Arrival” (and sorry, no, it likely does not involve a bunch of friendly septopods and Amy Adams’ beautiful red hair). Charlie’s switch from pacifist to Cabinet-opening hawk has temporarily stalled their preparations and Ames has to pay for it (if recent election results have taught us anything, it’s that polls, statistical probabilities, and maybe even mathematics in general have lost all meaning). Against all odds, Charlie shoots April (at her request, knowing it will take out the Shadow Kin king) and tries his hand at genocide while a heavily pregnant Quill and her new disciple in battle, Tanya, take on the Shadow Kin army.


The winning side suffers heavy losses. Ram arrives to find April lifeless, and Charlie, who’d expected to be snuffed out along with all the other Rhodian souls, is equally as distraught to find himself still breathing—even more so after Quill knocks him out of the path of one last Cabinet soul which then heads straight for Ram. In the end, we’re left with a beaten down group of reluctant (except for Quill) warriors… and an enemy that’s gaining strength.


How many days until season two debuts? Here’s what we’ll be obsessing over until the premiere:

Why, why, WHY did Quill save Charlie again? Reflex? Or does she want him to live so that she can watch him suffer for a while (before taking him out herself)?

Is Quill’s baby really going to eat her? Is it going to eat her before she gets to kill Charlie?

The whole “That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel” thing: how does that relate to the pretty Angel collage the Governors are making on the wall of their Governor clubhouse/coliseum thing?

Where’s April going to find Converse in Shadow Kin king size?