Class Recap: Alien Zombies Invade Coal Hill In ‘Nightvisiting’

If you’ve ever lost someone, there’s a good chance that at one or one hundred different times, you’ve wished they were still here. In the latest episode of Class, Tanya, Ram, and Ms. Quill find out what that would be like after a grief-eating alien species comes through the portal at Coal Hill Academy and reanimates their dead loved ones.

It’s the two-year anniversary of Tanya losing her dad and she marks the date by visiting his grave with her mother and brothers. It’s obvious that her pain is still raw—which makes her the prime target for this brand of invaders. The Lankins sell themselves as a symbiotic species arrived on Earth to make our grief go away. All we have to do is take hold of the outstretched hands of our loved ones (or the reasonable, if somewhat twitchy facsimile attached to the pulsing, umbilical-cord-like Lankin root system that stretches across Shoreditch from it’s main pipeline in Coal Hill) and accept their offer. Sound too good to be true? It is. Giving in to the siren song of the Lankin means getting sucked up the pipeline whole.


While Tanya’s fake dad tries to persuade her to embrace him, Ram’s recently deceased prom date shows up at his place (he doesn’t buy it for a second), and Ms. Quill’s dead sister stops by her flat. If Tanya is tempted at all by her dad’s lookalike, imagine how Quill feels… she’s lost not only a family member, but her entire race. Quill is way too clever to be pulled in by the scam though, her visitor gets not a hand, but a screwdriver (Charlie doesn’t like knives).


In the end, the Lankin are defeated by Tanya’s educated guess (plus Quill’s borrowed doubledecker). If the aliens feed on grief, an epic dose of anger might poison them. She happens to have one, and feeds it to her fake dad, which weakens them enough for Quill to send them back through the portal to wherever they came from. Meanwhile, April and Ram kissed, Matteusz has moved in with Charlie after being kicked out of his parents’ house, and warrior Quill may have gotten closer to getting her hands on a contraband weapon.

What does this mean for next week’s episode? We’ve got questions:

Once again, the neighbourhood’s collective memory seems to have been wiped when it comes to any recollection about what’s happened there. Only Tanya and her friends remember the Lankin. What’s going on there? Who or what is causing this localized amnesia?

What does the memory thing have to do with the larger narrative and Coal Hill’s sieve-like state when it comes to space and time?

The alien onslaught seems pretty intense. We know why Coal Hill is an easy entry point (thank the Doctor) but is there a reason for the sudden uptick in invaders? How is anyone getting any homework done?

What’s Ms. Quill’s game plan? Obviously she isn’t content with her current setup as Charlie’s protector by night/teenage babysitter by day. Is she planning an escape?

Finally: does Quill read YA fiction for her own enjoyment or to better understand her students?