Class Recap: War Personified Comes To Coal Hill In ‘The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did’

“I am war itself,” proclaims a half-triumphant, half-heartbroken Quill as she emerges from the Rhodian Cabinet of Souls she’d been sent to by headteacher Ames in order to have that pesky Arn removed from her brain. Ames had been honest about the risk involved—Quill would either emerge a free woman… or not emerge at all. What she hadn’t told her was that the ordeal would involve a fight to the death finale against a man she’d just fought alongside (and, um, totally did it with… we’ll discuss that part later).


While Charlie, April, Tanya, Ram, and Matteusz are locked inside a Coal Hill classroom serving detention/battling a meteor-prison-lie-detector-test combo (see: Episode 6), Quill is on a mission to free herself of Charlie’s Arn-based mind control. Using a metaphysical engine that transports her, Ames, and a frozen shapeshifter called Ballon via a kind of “atomic fuzzing”, the trio are able to travel anywhere—even places that don’t actually exist, so long as someone believes that they do. (Did this thing just out-TARDIS the TARDIS or what?


On their to-do list: hunt down a second Arn, steal blood from a god, and extract the brain of the Quill goddess in her own nest. So, NBD, right? Then, at the end of the harrowing metaphysical road trip, comes the surgery. Ballon must insert his weird shape-shifting claw into Quill’s eyeball to pull out the rodent-like Arn. It’s the grossest scene Class has given us so far, which is saying something (remember the Lan Kin? Ick). Scarred but free, it feels like the fight is over for Quill, and she celebrates her victory in the traditional way of her people (sex with Ballon, FYI).


But there’s one final battle still. For some unclear reason (tune in to the finale next week and maybe you’ll get some answers?) Ames insists that Quill and Ballon fight until only one of them is still breathing. Gun in hand, Ballon fires on her after a lengthy fist fight—but the gun’s been reversed and it’s he who falls dead. Burying him, Quill grieves, which is when the Rhodians show up (or their souls, at least). Quill grabs one and promises revenge… against the only living Rhodian left: Charlie.

Climbing out of the cabinet, she heads back to Coal Hill to confront him just as he’s being pulled into the meteor prison. Immediately, he and Matteusz notice that her hair has grown and her body’s undergone an even more dramatic change. Quill’s pregnant. Very, very pregnant.

So, how did that happen? Let’s work this out:

Okay, we all saw what went down between Quill and Ballon—is she pregnant with a half-shapeshifter baby? Or is there another possibility: remember when she grabbed that Rhodian soul? Could this be a Cabinet baby? (Hey, we don’t know how Rhodians procreate, do you?)

Ames so obviously double-crossed Quill. Will “war itself” be visited on The Governors’ representative to Coal Hill Academy?

Quill wants revenge on two levels: against the natural enemy of her people, the Rhodians, and against the Shadow Kin, responsible for taking out both the Quill and the Rhodians. Which will she pursue first?

How’s this all going to end? Is Charlie doomed? Is Earth? What will Quill do next?