Class Recap: April Goes Up Against The Shadow Kin King In ‘Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart’

Sharing a heart with the king of the Shadow Kin has its advantages. Like when your estranged father who paralyzed your mother in an attempt to take out your entire family shows up, you can whip out a pair of Shadow world swords and make him wish he was safely back in his prison cell.

Then there are the downsides: like having to fight an alien to take back the vital organ that’s rightfully yours. That’s the dilemma April faces in this packed episode of Class, the first of a classic Who-style two-parter that’s left us on edge until next Saturday.


Following the showdown with her dad, April uses her new Shadow-given powers to heal her mother before ripping open a hole in space and time in her own backyard and leaping through it. (Ram, of course, follows—the least he could do considering the romantic afternoon they’d just had.) For April, it’s either that, or sit idly by wondering if the Shadow King will arrive to kill her during third period geography or fifth period media studies.

Ram aside, the rest of April’s friends aren’t much help to her. Charlie is busy playing prince, bossing Quill around, and imagining what would happen if he unleashed the mythic powers of Cabinet of Souls on the world—would his people be reborn on Earth, or would it just wipe out an entire species? Matteusz is not cool with this idea, even on a theoretical level.


The debate between Charlie and his boyfriend results in Quill discovering that the Cabinet is a real thing, and not just some sort of Rhodian fairytale, strengthening her resolve to get out from under Charlie’s thumb. Coincidentally, Coal Hill’s new headteacher has offered her a chance to do just that—only it isn’t clear what she wants in exchange. Presently, both she and Quill are facing a more pressing concern: cannibalistic flower blossoms that are multiplying at an alarming rate and threatening to take over the neighbourhood/city.


How will this one end? Here’s what we want to know:

Dorothea Ames, the new headteacher, has told Quill that she’s affiliated in some way with the mysterious Governors—what do they want with Quill, whose side are they on, and what are they going to ask of her in exchange for her freedom?

If April and Ram best the Shadow Kin king, what happens to April’s Shadow powers? How will they get back to Earth in time for exams, etc?


Charlie’s turning into a bit of a dictator—can Tanya and Matteusz keep him in check or will his grief combined with the lure of the Cabinet prove more powerful?

What’s the antidote to exponentially multiplying vampire flowers? It’s bugs, isn’t it? Damn.