Civil War Is The Final Act Of The Captain America Trilogy

captain america

Ever since details started leaking out about the feud between Captain America and Tony Stark in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, there have been two huge questions on everyone’s minds.

The first question, obviously, is whether Cap and Tony will settle their differences with a no-holds-barred naked cage fight. (Which nobody will admit is happening, but nobody’s denied it, either. So.)


But the second question is, what will this mean for the Avengers — and for the place of Captain America in future Avengers movies?

While at an LA event celebrating the in-home release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, MTV News asked Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige about it, and he was unequivocal… that this is totally the wrong question. Because Civil War is, first and foremost, a conclusion to the triptych saga of Captain America Steve Rogers.

“It’s very much, in a certain way, the completion of a Captain America trilogy,” Feige said. “I think one day you’ll look back and watch —Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War—and it’ll be one of the most unique and different trilogies ever around a single character.”

However, Feige confirmed that the non-Cap characters had an important role to play, too, saying, “[We’re] bringing in some of the other players, most importantly Tony Stark, to tell that Civil War story. But it is very much a sequel to Winter Soldier.”

Which brings us to a third question, because we can’t help noticing that Feige keeps saying things like “completion” and “unique” and “single character.” And Civil War will clearly be the conclusion of a discrete three-movie arc for Cap.

Here’s the thing about trilogies: They tend to come full circle. So if The First Avenger began with the birth of Captain America, then, um, how will Civil War end?

Are the rumours true? Is Captain America is going to… die?

It’s tempting to analyze Feige’s comments for proof of Cap’s demise, but it’s also unlikely that the Marvel studios prez would drop such a giant hint on purpose about the possible impending death of one of their biggest heroes, so let’s not jump to conclusions.

After all, even when Civil War is over, Cap will still have plenty of important unfinished business to attend to.


Avengers: Age of Ultron is out now on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Blu-ray this Friday.