Everyone Go Home—This Is The Best Halloween House This Year By Far

Artist Christine McConnell has an affinity for the macabre. Most of her art on Instagram focuses on horror movie themes—taking beautiful photographs of herself in creepy situations, making stunning cakes that look like they would bite back and more.

For this year’s Halloween festivities, she decorated her parents’ home with props she hand painted and hung herself. The results are rather amazing.

I decorated my parents house for Halloween 😀 ????

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“I painted foam-core boards for the eyes and teeth,” McConnell wrote in a post on Imgur, where she uploaded the stunning photos. After adding the boards to the porch and facade of the house, the building really looks like it could eat you—or at least catch your attention for a while as you drove by. Her post already has almost two million views despite being posted less than a day ago.

We’re sure you can see why people are responding so positively to it. Check a shot of what the house looks like at night below.

It's now a Monster House ????

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