Christian Bale Has Nothing Good To Say About Terminator Salvation


After shooting 2008’s The Dark Knight, Christian Bale should have had the confidence to follow his instincts in selecting his next project. Instead, he found himself in the unpleasant position of shooting Terminator Salvation, an experience that resulted in a humiliating on-set meltdown and a movie that was widely panned. In a recent interview, Bale explained how and why he came to play John Connor, in spite of his own reluctance.

“I said no three times,” he explained. “I went, ‘Nah, there’s no story there.’ I’d seen the first one and enjoyed that back in England. I’d been to the movies and seen the second one. It was an unfortunate series of events involving the writers’ strike, involving Jonah Nolan, who was able to come on and really start to write a wonderful script, but then got called away for a prior commitment that he had. And it’s a great thorn in my side because I wish we could have reinvigorated [the franchise]… unfortunately, during production, you could tell that wasn’t happening. It’s a great shame.”

However, it turns out there was more to Bale’s decision than Nolan and the writers’ strike. He was also motivated by his own stubborn contrarianism. “There’s a perverse side to me,” he said. “People were telling me that, there’s no way on God’s Earth that I should take that role, and I was thinking the same thing. But when people started verbalizing that to me, I started to go, ‘Oh, really? All right, well, watch this then.’ So there was a little bit of that involved in the choice.”

The Terminator franchise is scheduled to return on July 26, 2019. For a quick what-not-to-do tutorial, they need look no further than the Terminator Salvation trailer, which you can watch below.