Chris Pratt Says The Passengers Script Is No Less Amazing Than The Trailer

Just two days ago, movie fans collectively lost their minds over the trailer for the new Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt sci-fi vehicle, Passengers. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pratt made it clear that you should be excited for several reasons, including one that goes beyond the charismatic stars and eye-popping effects. To date, three of the actor’s films (Her, Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty) have earned Oscar nods for their scripts (Her also won the award), but Pratt believes Passengers may be the best of the bunch. “I’m really excited for people to see it,” he said. “It was may be the best script I had ever read. John Spaihts wrote the script, and it was just so great.”

Spaihts also had a hand in the scripts for Prometheus and the upcoming Doctor Strange, but Passengers is his first solo writing credit. Based on the trailer, it appears that his screenplay is full of intriguing secrets—and much more. Here are 7 signs the movie is worthy of its well-liked script.

1. Robot-assisted romance


2. Cyborg bartending


3. A very premature wake-up call


4. Lawrence and Pratt get hot and heavy


5. And make a splash in space


6. Desperate insomnia calls for desperate measures


7. Holy ship!



This epic sci-fi romance arrives in theatres on December 21. In the meantime, be sure to revisit the Passengers trailer below.