Chris Hemsworth Identifies Thor’s Secret Weapon: Ghostbusters


Last year’s Ghostbusters reboot was unfairly maligned for all kinds of reasons—by people who didn’t even bother to see it. For those who did buy a ticket, a more varied set of reactions emerged, but nearly everyone agreed on one point: Chris Hemsworth has a surprising talent for comedy. This is made even more apparent in Thor: Ragnarok, and the actor gives much of the credit to his time spent working on Ghostbusters.

During a recent visit to The Tonight Show, Hemsworth broke down his evolution as a comic actor: “I did Saturday Night Live, I did Vacation, did Ghostbusters, and kind of was having fun improvising, and then thought, ‘God, we could do more of that in Thor.’ And thankfully, the Marvel guys said, ‘Yeah, go for it’—and we did. And I gotta say, laughing for six months, shooting the movie, and mucking around with your mates is the best way to go to work—if you can even call it that.”

Thor: Ragnarok is in theatres now. Read our review here—and watch a clip of Hemsworth’s appearance on The Tonight Show below.