Chris Hemsworth May Head Men In Black Spinoff


The God of thunder aims his sights on the stars above as talks around Men in Black’s upcoming spinoff movie heat up.

Chris Hemsworth’s contract for the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be coming to a close after Avengers: Infinity War, but the star isn’t letting that get him down. Having been confirmed as of last year, the upcoming Men in Black spin-off is still in the development stages with no official cast. With a script written by Iron man and Transformers: The Last Knight’s Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, and F. Gary Gray (a director whose worked on both Fate of the Furious and Straight Outta Compton) the film will no doubt cross a lot of genre styles.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be reprising their roles for this film, which will take place in the same universe as the original agents. Even so, Hemsworth has been in talks with Sony is to play one of the new agents who will be introduced in the film. Sony plans on gathering a rather diverse cast for the film as well- hoping to lead the title roles with a white male, a black woman, and an older man. Hopefully this one will be able to rejuvenate the series enough to create an alien-themed augmented reality game.

The studio has fast-tracked the spinoff to hit theatres May 17, 2019, and with so many big names circling around it, we can’t help but be at least a little excited. Maybe we’ll even get another wacky alien villain like the one Jemaine Clement played in the third one.