Chris Hemsworth Says Wonder Woman Is His Favourite Film Of The Year

Warner Bros. / Marvel

It’s a superhero-fight-superhero world out there, or so recent footage for Thor: Ragnarok would have us believe. However, maybe that doesn’t hold so true for Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking with MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday (July 22), Hemsworth was asked about how he feels in the ongoing shuffling in rankings of Chrises Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt and Evans. His answer was surprisingly not aggressive.

“I have such love and admiration for all Chrises on the planet and all superheroes including Wonder Woman,” he said. “I think it’s my favourite film this year. They did such a good job. And we’re going to make more, but that’s OK. It’s not a competition, it’s all love.”

As for whether he knows exactly when he’ll shuck off his Thor armour for good, he seems to have an idea, but isn’t sharing.

“Kinda, but who knows?” he said when asked if he knew the timeline. “I mean, if you buy enough tickets for this film, maybe I’ll make another one for you.”

Somehow, we don’t think the theatres will be empty come November 3, when Thor: Ragnarok hits screens, so fingers crossed he’ll be hefting that hammer for a long time to come.

Check out the latest Thor: Ragnarok trailer below: