Chris Hemsworth Spotted In His Hunky Ghostbusters Uniform


While we don’t recall original Ghostbusters receptionist Janine sporting a badass uniform, we’re totally fine with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth donning the iconic beige jumpsuit in Paul Feig’s forthcoming reboot.

Just yesterday, Vulture tweeted an image of Hemsworth wearing a pair of thick frame hipster glasses and riding a motorcycle like the cool dude that he is. Check it out below:

There’s been a lot of Ghostbusters updates as of late, so here’s a quick update:

1. Bill Murray AND Dan Aykroyd are set to make cameos

2. That other Ghostbusters is maybe still happening

3. Even though original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman says there’s only one new Ghostbusters movie happening

4. We’re just as confused as you