Check Out The New Teaser For The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Hunger Games


Our dreams of Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie being cast in every new Hollywood movie makes are getting closer to becoming a reality.

Exhibit one: her appearance in the new teaser trailer for the final installment of The Hunger Games franchise.


Here’s the suspense-filled new clip:

Hands up everyone who thought that opening wedding scene was going to see Katniss at the altar with either Gale or Peeta.


Alas, it’s just Finnick and Annie (don’t get us wrong, we’re happy for them too). The good news is that Peeta seems to have recovered from the psychological trauma President Snow put him through. In the trailer, we briefly see him hugging Katniss while exhibiting no signs of wanting to throttle her. Progress!

Beyond the bit of happiness the blissful union has brought the rebels in District 13, life in a dystopian warzone sucks and Katniss has had about all she can stomach. The rebels are planning an attack on The Capital and they appear to be trying to unite the remaining Districts with the hopes that they will fight alongside them.


It looks like President Snow has anticipated the move. It’s impossible to know for sure (unless of course you’ve read the books) but it seems as though the heavily booby-trapped Capital is about to become the arena for the 76th, and final, Hunger Games.