Charlie’s Angels Is Basically Kristen Stewart Fan Fiction


Remember when we told you Charlie’s Angels were here, and they didn’t come to play? Okay, that still holds true.

But what if the upcoming movie reboot of the beloved TV and film series were actually something more than just a sizzling new movie? What if we told you it was all an elaborate piece of fan fiction centred on Kristen Stewart, orchestrated by Elizabeth Banks? Wait, no, hear us out.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Stewart opened up about a variety of subjects: her acting career, working with indie directors, and of course, Charlie’s Angels, in which director Banks (who also plays Bosley) had Stewart play a more comedic character.

“We wrote her a lot of jokes,” said Banks. “We also improv’d because I come from that background, going all the way back to Wet Hot American Summer—you find something in a moment.” According to Banks, Kristen “lands as many jokes in this movie as any comic actor.”

But here’s why it looks like we’re being served maximum Stewart in terms of looks, attitude, and overall awesomeness. Banks approached writing for Stewart as if it were fan fiction.

“What do I want to see Kristen Stewart do in a movie? Like, the fan in me wants to see Kristen Stewart do this. And then I would just make her do it.” Sound process, Elizabeth! Now, where can we sign up to write the next one?

Charlie’s Angels are set to report to theatres on November 15.