Elizabeth Banks Reveals Charlie’s Angels’ Secret Weapon


In a new article about Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot, several of the key participants weighed in on this new film’s relationship to the 2000 and 2003 movies. For one, producer Doug Belgrad acknowledged that the new film’s central trio lacks the star power of the earlier films. “The two movies that were made at Sony 20 years ago cast a long shadow,” he said. ”You had three great actresses, two of whom were among the biggest in the world. We love our cast and think they’re fresh and exciting and all three of them have huge star power—but the studio had to make a bet.”

As the new film’s writer and director, Banks developed an “encyclopedic” knowledge of the franchise, which originated as a TV series in 1976. However, unlike Belgrad, she doesn’t seem especially in awe of those earlier movies. For starters, she believes the characters are undermined by their introductions. “I felt that those beginnings were a way to apologize for the fact that these women were doing a job that you weren’t used to women doing,” she argued. “Versus 18 years later I don’t need to explain how she got her f**king skills. As audiences, we accept that women can do anything.”

For the new film, Banks elected to create a more comprehensive origin story—with emphasis on an ingredient often overlooked in action cinema. “I was adamant that there be hugging in the movie,” she explained. “That’s what distinguishes Charlie’s Angels from James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission: Impossible. This is what you get to do in the girl version of this movie that draws you in because it feels real. It is real. I cry at work.”

Charlie’s Angels arrives in theatres on November 15. Check out the trailer below.