King Fans, Rejoice—Castle Rock Is Returning For Season 2


Wednesdays 9/6p

With Stephen King and J.J. Abrams on your side, the only direction you can go is up.

We figured that Castle Rock, the King-inspired series executive produced by Masters of Sex‘s Sam Shaw and Lie to Me‘s Dustin Thomason, would be a success when we heard about all the amazing talent attached. But now we’ve got confirmation—Castle Rock is officially coming back for a second season, meaning that we’ve got at least half a dozen more suspenseful, creepy, mystery-filled episodes in our futures.

Here’s the catch: Shaw and Thomason have confirmed that Castle Rock is an anthology series, meaning that each self-contained season will follow a completely new story and completely new characters. In other words, our favourites (including André Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Bill Skarsgård and Sissy Spacek) may not return for Season 2 unless the powers-that-be plan to bring them back as guest stars or in completely new roles, American Horror Story-style.

And with a show as weird and twisty as Castle Rock, that could actually happen—Thomason recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he and Shaw “want to surprise viewers with the ways in which the stories intersect” and acknowledged that “one of the things about the King universe or multiverse is that some very strange things can happen when it comes to the ways that the stories unfold.”

Either way, we’re sure that whoever decides to show up next season will be equally as strange and emotionally conflicted as the characters we’ve got now. Maybe Shaw and Thomason will even decide to go the Spacek and Skarsgård route and bring on a couple more King movie veterans—Tim Robbins cameo, anyone?