Castle Rock Season Finale Recap: Romans Asks ‘How Much Doubt Can You Handle?’


Wednesdays 9/6p

Who do you believe? Is The Kid the devil? Is he an alternative universe Henry Deaver? Does he belong in a cage? And for how long? Until, like Warden Lacy said, we forget which side of the bars everyone is on? For now, Henry Deaver, the first Henry Deaver that we met in this mind-bending series, seems to be staying put in Castle Rock. He has to—now that the other Henry Deaver, The Kid, is back in the hole in Shawshank Prison.

After his heart-to-heart with Molly last week, The Kid seemed to have found an ally in Castle Rock. She goes to bat for him with Henry, but Henry chalks up the abnormal and intimate family knowledge The Kid has to the two days he spent in the shed, going through Deaver family photos and home videos. The Kid wants Henry to go on a forest schisma hunt with him, explaining that the only way back to his alternate reality is through the door it creates (or at least leads the way to). Henry is reluctant, but The Kid is used to getting his way.


After the body of the blind man who locked Henry in his soundproof RV is found, Henry is thrown in jail for the murder. Also in jail? The Kid, who the cops picked up at the spot where he and Henry were meant to meet up. The Kid works his evil magic, causing a riot in the jail. He and Henry are the sole survivors, but Henry is now a hostage. The Kid takes him into the woods at gunpoint, asking if he can hear it—the sound.

Of course Henry does. Then they both see the birds (Castle Rock’s circling, suicidal birds) and something seems to be about to happen…but a helicopter breaks the spell, allowing Henry to wrestle the gun away from The Kid and take control of the situation.


And that’s when everything he told Molly about his alternate universe is called into question. In a flash we see who he might really be—and it’s not pretty. It’s probably what convinces Henry to do what Warden Lacy did before him: lock The Kid back in a cage deep inside Shawshank prison.

A year later all the death and destruction The Kid had brought to the Castle Rock has stopped. Ruth is dead and Henry is living in his childhood home, practicing small town law and playing chess with his son. And bringing hamburgers to The Kid in his cage on Christmas. Henry still doesn’t remember where he was for those 11 days when he disappeared, but he does remember something else: his father confessing his plan to kill Ruth and the action Henry took to stop him. The wages of sin is death.

In what’s become the latest TV trend (hat tip to Sharp Objects), a post-credits scene hints at where Season 2 of Castle Rock might take us: the very familiar Overlook Hotel.