Castle Rock Recap: Henry Deaver Will Break Your Brain


Wednesdays 9/6p

Who is Henry Deaver? A local boy who left town for the big city and a law career, or a kid who’s been kept in a cage for decades? After watching this week’s episode of Castle Rock, we’d defy you to be certain of that answer. “Henry Deaver” starts off looking like a flash-forward. Like, ‘How nice, The Kid isn’t the devil after all—he’s had therapy and gone on to live a productive life!’ Then the rug is pulled out from under you when you realize that this is a person who believes himself to be… Henry Deaver. The same Henry Deaver that grew up in Castle Rock, son of Ruth and the not-so-good Reverend Deaver. Oh shiiii—this is not a flash forward… it’s a flashback.

Called back to town following the suicide of his father (history is completely changed in this Henry’s version of reality), Henry, who we’ve been calling The Kid up until now, finds two things in his childhood-home-turned-hoarder-dump: a young boy in a cage and a set of tapes that indicate he’s been there for a very long time. Now we understand why The Kid told grownup original Henry that it was he who rescued him. Well, we sort of understand it, anyway. How’s your brain right now?


In this iteration of Castle Rock, things are both different and the same: Ruth still has Alzheimer’s but she’s safe in Sarasota with Alan (she left the Reverend years ago). Molly still lives in town but she’s a successful councilwoman, not a real estate agent on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And Henry is white, a doctor, happily married, and hoping for a baby. The Kid is the child version of the original Henry we thought we knew so well, and he’s been a prisoner of the Reverend, not Warden Lacy. If any nuclear physicists want to weigh in on this, now would be a good time.

This new Kid is, like a select few others, obsessed with the sound he hears in the woods. He knows things about the Deavers that would be impossible to know if he wasn’t who he said he was (again, that would be Henry Deaver). The Reverend declares him the devil, like Lacy before him (err, after him?). But the Kid’s insistence convinces both Molly and new Henry to hear him out and follow him into the woods. When Molly touches his hand, she sees flashes of memory: of her, of the new Kid, and of the story we’ve been following all season.


Like the original Kid told her in last week’s episode, Molly does indeed die in the woods, shot by Officer Zalewski (alive again!) who swears he fired into the sky. Her last words to Henry? You have to help this new Kid.

Suddenly, the seasons change. It’s winter in the woods and this episode’s Henry is alone at the edge of Lake Castle. And then he sees it: a young Alan Pangborn rescuing our original Henry from out on the middle of the lake. The next thing this new Henry remembers is Warden Lacy scooping him up and tossing him into a hole in Shawshank. So there are two Henrys… which one is real?