Castle Rock Recap: Things Get Bloody In Past Perfect


Wednesdays 9/6p

Castle Rock gets extra kill-y this week as a pair of out-of-towners briefly open up a murder-themed bed and breakfast in the house where Warden Lacy once lived. Their very first guests meet a brutal end—Professor Gordon may have arrived in Castle Rock with some serious baggage, but the knife-job he did on his visitors could only have been inspired by The Kid (and the dozens of portraits of him, all painted by Lacy, that he’s hung around the house). The impromptu Art Appreciation 101 class extends to Henry when he makes a visit to the old Lacy house, suspecting that the basement may have been the place he was held as a child… why and by whom? We don’t yet know.

Henry’s investigation (that’s lawyer-speak for break and enter) ends when Gordon catches him in an upstairs bedroom, checking out the decor. Each painting of The Kid dates back to the ‘90s. Each one was done by Lacy. One of them features The Kid in a sweater that belonged to Henry back then. Creepy much? Just wait. It gets creepier. And stabbier. After being attacked by Gordon and his wife, Henry is saved by Jackie Torrance and her axe (this show LOVES irony).


Earlier it was Molly who saved Henry’s hide—she wasn’t pulling his leg about the whole being able to get inside his head thing—and so she’s the reason he was let out of the soundproof RV torture chamber he’d been locked inside all night. And just in time… okay, well, too late for Alan but in time to help his son and his mother.

Finding The Kid in the Deaver home and Alan shot dead in the shed, Henry puts Wendell on a bus back to Boston (it doesn’t take—is it because he can hear the sound?). Then he lets The Kid take the rap for what happened to Ruth (who thinks she’s shot her dead husband, not Alan). But by the end of the episode, Ruth’s disappeared. So, coincidentally, has The Kid.


Before he took off, The Kid asked Henry about the noise, realizing that Henry hears it. He also tells him that he’s been waiting for Henry for 27 years… ever since he saved him from that basement he was held in as a child. Henry doesn’t remember it but Molly does—which is maybe why The Kid finds her and tells her she’ll do since Henry isn’t ready for whatever it is that The Kid has in mind.

So while Henry is looking for Ruth and Jackie Torrance is talking to the cops about how she saved him from the deranged bed and breakfast owners, Molly is following The Kid around her childhood home, listening to him tell her everything he knows about her life. And death.