Castle Rock Recap: Long Live The Queen

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Last week, as we toured a ransacked Deaver home, we were left wondering what happened to Ruth. Now we know not only her fate, but Alan’s, too. The Kid is bad news. So is Alzheimer’s. Put the two together and Ruth doesn’t stand a chance.

With evil on every side, we retrace Ruth’s steps over the past few weeks—from the time The Kid was let out of his cage to the time he made himself king of the castle at the Deaver residence. For Ruth, however, the last few weeks intermingle seamlessly with the last few decades—The Kid becomes a stand-in for her dead husband, the less-than-saintly Reverend Deaver.


This week we get to know who the good Reverend really was—and he wasn’t a nice guy. Obsessed with the “voice of god” (the one he heard in the forest the first time he stuck a gun in his ear) he drags Ruth and Henry out into the wild to see if they can hear it too (bonus: he also scares the daylights out of them). Finally, Henry says he can hear it—but is he lying to appease his terrifying father, or is it real?

“Is it real?” is the central question of the entire episode as we drift through Ruth’s jumbled timeline anchored only by a chess set Alan gave her. The chess pieces remind her she’s in the present each time she gets caught up in the past. She’s lucid enough to do things like search for Matthew’s old gun, find the bullets (in a VERY inconvenient location), and send Henry’s son running to safety (hopefully or at least temporarily) but she’s constantly getting sucked into a vortex of timeline confusion. It actually seems like a nice way to live, revisiting cherished moments from the past—unless you’re being stalked by the/a devil.


In part, this is the retelling of a love story between Ruth and Alan. It’s also the end of that story (for Alan, anyway). Moments of sweetness (Alan returning to town for Ruth, Alan offering to take her and Henry away) are interspersed with moments of pure terror as Ruth tries to fight her way through the fog of time and fend off The Kid.

She’s no match for him. He barely has to try. The Kid has time to make her some eggs, draw her a bath, and dance with her in the living room to a song the Reverend played at their wedding. All he really has to do is wait. Wait for Ruth to be so confused and so scared that she plays right into the hands of this devil.


With Matthew’s gun and its bullets in her possession, Ruth escapes to the old shed where she waits, ready to put a bullet or two in The Kid should he walk through the door. But we know from last week’s episode that The Kid comes out of this with only a minor stab wound. Before the door even opens, we know who will walk through it in search of Ruth.

Ruth’s aim is good. She hits him in the chest once, twice, three times, and it’s over. Alan is dead.