Castle Rock Recap: In Harvest, The Kid Gets To Work


Wednesdays 9/6p

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. That’s the conundrum former Warden Lacy faces as he sits across from his captive at Shawshank prison. Is he the devil? He used to be so certain. Not anymore. The boy looks so small, so pale, and so harmless—and so Lacy reaches out and gently touches his face. It seems harmless, but we saw in the first episode what happens next (a Lincoln, a noose, and a cliff). Is he the devil? Close enough, we’d say.

Now The Kid is a free man. Following Zalewski’s shooting rampage, it seems like the new Warden of Shawshank is keen to avoid any further scandals (good luck with that). Like the voice in Lacy’s dream says, a voice he attributed to god, The Kid “drags evil behind him wherever he goes.” Truth. As soon as he’s out, bad sh#t starts back up in Castle Rock. Like the old stories Jackie Torrance used to hear about the town, strange and dark occurrences are, uh, reoccurring.

For example, we’re pretty sure that Molly Strand’s sister is dead, courtesy of The Kid and a birthday cake knife. Also, the forest outside of town is ablaze. A dog seems to speak to Henry’s mother, Ruth, telling her to jump off a bridge. She does. And Alan Pangborn has an encounter with The Kid in the woods…it’s not the first time they’ve met.


The Kid is easy to recognise after all. He doesn’t age. Not a day in three decades (see? Staying out of the sun IS good for your skin. Go dig yourself a dank hole right now).

What began to surface in the episode is the connection between Henry and The Kid. The Kid won’t touch him—not even a handshake. He’s obviously aware of what he is and what he can do. He has no problem with visiting evil on other people (though for some reason Jackie is someone who seems to evade his wrath). But Henry is special. His brain buzzes and his ears ring whenever The Kid is about to strike (like right before his mom jumps off the bridge being named for her partner).


While Jackie sits smoking pot with The Kid and waxing poetic about her crazy uncle who tired to axe murder his wife and kids at “some fancy ski resort” (*cough* THE SHINING *cough*), he apparently brings down a helicopter full of firefighters WITH HIS MIND. Jackie is getting her wish: the bad old days are back—but she hasn’t even noticed.

Molly is more observant. Plus, she can read The Kid’s thoughts. Surprise! They’re not at all normal. Mostly she hears screams, gunshots, more screams, and The Kid himself thinking that he should never have been let out of that hole. He seems…tortured. For the moment, at least. Realising that he can’t be alone, she brings him to Henry’s—that’s where he starts to remember things. One: he can play the piano. Two: he knows what’s up in Castle Rock…and he also knows that no one else has a clue.