Castle Rock Recap: What’s In The Box?


Wednesdays 9/6p

Things are getting a bit… uncomfortable for Henry Deaver during his visit back to his hometown of Castle Rock. He’s feuding with his mother’s live-in partner (Henry wants to take his ailing mum back to Texas with him—he’s the only one who thinks that’s a good idea) and an incidental foray into his own past has spooked him more than his hollow-eyed, silent client ever could (for now).

Henry gets sucked into a dark microfiche hole the way some of us click link after link on Wikipedia until we realise it’s 4 a.m. and we’re reading about the third-wave coffee scene in Saskatoon. The spiral leads him to the home of a Mr. Desjardins (not Vince, who you know from Stand By Me, but his brother Joseph). Desjardins, who the police investigated following Henry’s childhood disappearance, has a cache of information on Henry stashed under his bed—think: newspaper clippings, a police file. It’s super extra mega creepy. Why is he keeping all that stuff? And what’s up with the locked shed out back, with its mouldy, blackened bowl of Cheerios (or whatever)? One thing’s for sure, Henry’s mom isn’t going to shed any light on the subject.


When Henry asks her about it, she takes a break from gutting trout long enough to wave a knife in his face and inform him that no, she will not be moving into a seniors’ home in Texas. She’ll live (and die) right here in Castle Rock. It’s a pretty perfect way to avoid answering the question Henry actually asked.

While Henry considers moving up the date of his departure from Castle Rock, he’s also in the process of orchestrating his father’s return. He doesn’t like that Alan Pangborn (The Dark Half shout out!) had Reverend Deaver’s remains moved. Henry is determined to bring them back… even though Pangborn claims that the Reverend’s dying words were that it was Henry who pushed him off that cliff. Hmm. Strangely, the coffin’s return does more to unsettle Henry’s mother than anyone else.


Still, Henry becomes convinced that he can’t stay in Castle Rock—not even to see out the hearing for his mysterious prison inmate client. At the last minute, he decides to take the deal the prison initially offered. He calls Zalewski, the prison guard who tipped him off about Shawshank’s illegal prisoner, to break the news to him. Zalewski feels pretty passionately about righting some of the injustices that go down at the prison and he takes the news hard. Like, really, really hard. Like, going on a shooting rampage taking down prisoners and guards alike until he himself is pumped full of lead… that hard.

His last words? “I want to testify.” Um, Henry should probably stick around, no?