Cast And Crew Gather For Shining Anniversary


Warner Bros.

Last Saturday was the 35th anniversary of The Shining’s original theatrical release. To celebrate the occasion, members of the cast and crew gathered at Elstree Studios—where the film was shot—to reminisce about this epic production. Later that night, they screened the film at The Odyssey Cinema in St. Albans, the town where director Stanley Kubrick lived during the last two decades of his life.

While neither Jack Nicholson nor Shelley Duvall made it to the event, many of Kubrick’s key collaborators and family members were in attendance. Fans of the film often forget the contribution of co-screenwriter Diane Johnson, who revealed that Kubrick came close to adapting her novel The Shadow Knows instead of The Shining. While Kubrick ultimately went with King’s novel, he decided to write the script with Johnson because he thought she’d be “easier to get along with.”

Also in attendance at the event were Louise and Lisa Burns (aka the Grady twins), who revealed that it took them 12 years to see the film after it came out. However, the biggest surprise guest was Danny Lloyd, who chose to record a video, rather than travel from his home in Kentucky to England. Lloyd revealed that he’s now a father of four, who teaches at a community college and owns a farm.

He also clarified his feelings about the film, insisting that rumours of his disapproval are completely false. “I know that I’ve kept a low profile, and I know people say that’s because I didn’t like the movie or didn’t like the process of making the movie, but that’s definitely not true. So I want to set the record straight and say that I really enjoyed the experience and the crew was like my family.”