Here’s Why Carrie Fisher Was Terrified At The Premiere Of Star Wars


As we recently explained, Todd Fisher has a new memoir—My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie—that tells the story of his relationship with sister Carrie and mother Debbie Reynolds, a pair of movie legends who died one day apart in December 2016. While Todd wrote this book in the immediate aftermath of these two major losses, he offers no shortage of lively, entertaining anecdotes. In a recent conversation with Yahoo!, he offered an enlightening example, reminiscing about the production of 1977’s Star Wars as well as its world premiere. According to Todd, there was no reason to believe that the cast and crew were making history.

“I was with [Carrie] in England when the movie was being made,” he said. “It was cool. There was these big sets, and it had a certain amount of impressiveness to the sets, but… you couldn’t obviously see any of the effects, so you don’t know what’s coming. And, you know, people [thought Lucas was] all nuts. He’s got this giant seven-foot carpet running around called a Wookiee.”

Even at the premiere, Carrie was bracing for embarrassment. “We’re sitting in the parking lot waiting to go into the screening,” Todd explained. “Now this is the first time anybody’s seen anything. This is days before it comes out to the theatres. She’s smoking, chain-smoking, drinking—Coca-Cola in one hand, cigarette in the other hand. She just doesn’t want to go, and I’m like, ‘You know, we’ve got to go in.’ I’m sitting there watching the lights go down, you know—literally, doors are closing. ‘We’ve got to go now.’”

“So I finally get her to put her cigarette out. By this point, there’s nowhere to sit except the front row. So we sit in the front row and it starts, and we watch those titles go by and then the battlecruiser flies over and I looked over, and I had her hand—she was squeezing my hand, panicked—and I said, ‘This is no B movie.’”

For a sense of what the world was expecting when Star Wars premiered, check out the original teaser below.