From Princess To General: Our 5 Favourite Leia Moments

It’s no secret Carrie Fisher’s iconic character helped save the other heroes of Star Wars on numerous occasions, but that’s not her only contribution to a galaxy far, far away….

Here are just five moments when the Princess-turned-General stole our hearts.


1. Foul stench

When we’re first introduced to Leia in A New Hope we quickly realize she is not going to mince words. She’s quick to tell her captor—on the way to destroy her home and after facing torture—that he stinks. Even Tarkin had to recognize her conviction. #nofilter.


Fisher has talked about that scene in the past and the irony of the insult to Tarkan.


2. The last mistake you’ll ever make

No lightsaber. No gun. All she had was a metal bikini with a chain and she killed one of the galaxy’s most notorious crime lords. When Luke told Jabba that not bargaining with them was the last mistake he’d ever make, it was Leia who made sure of it.



3. Will somebody get this big, walking carpet out of my way

This was my first laugh-out-loud moment in a Star Wars film. By that time we already knew that Leia was a bad-ass, but we also knew Wookiees ripped arms off of people. After telling the man in control of a planet killer that he stinks, her comment to Chewie is true to form. No fear. I’m walking here. Leading from the front.


4. I love you

Though she shares this moment with Han. It was the penny in the air for Leia that we were all waiting to drop.  In spite of a war, the occupation of cloud city and imprisonment by the empire, Leia’s feelings were a source of strength for the character.


5. Somebody has to save our skins  

If there’s one moment in the Star Wars franchise that encapsulates who Leia is as a character, it’s when she turned the tables on her would be rescuers and rescues them. Stepping up and leading regardless of how your regarded was what made Leia a stand out as a Princess and persona that made her evolution to General of the resistance a natural one. Fisher’s performance for all these moments is what makes them all so memorable.