Jude Law Explains What He’s Doing In Captain Marvel


While the details of Jude Law’s character in Captain Marvel (Walter Lawson, aka Mar-Vell) remain somewhat mysterious, he made it clear in a recent interview that he acts as a mentor to Carol Danvers during her evolution into Captain Marvel. “Just because of the age, it’s not like a sort of wise old master,” he said. “It’s much more, I’d say that as leader of the group I lead by example, so he’s very much hands on combat. The relationship really is about containment. There’s a sort of control to my character, there’s a sense of focus and clarity and discipline, and really that’s one of the things I think of the piece, is trying to contain and what is being in control and what isn’t.”

The leader of an elite group of Kree warriors known as Starforce, Mar-Vell finds himself and his fellow Kree in constant conflict with the Skrulls. “Both communities are living really at high alert and both obviously live with a huge wariness of each other,” Law explained. “My character is somewhat judgmental and full of hatred of the Skrulls. The Skrulls to the Krees really represent despicable maneuvering and manipulation. The Skrulls have this way—they can simulate other people, they can turn into other things, and so it’s this idea of subterfuge that you’re not who you really are, whereas the Kree have a kind of purity about them and an honesty, as far I see it.”

Captain Marvel arrives in theatres on March 8. Check out the “Special Look”—which was released earlier this week—below.