Brie Larson Loves To See Captain Marvel ‘Fall On Her Face’


Seemingly in production for years, Captain Marvel finally arrives in theatres this week, introducing moviegoers to that still relatively rare phenomenon: a female superhero with leading lady status. Although much has been made of Carol Danvers’ uniquely heightened superpowers, actress Brie Larson claims she didn’t take the role to feel flawless or all-powerful. In reality, she was drawn to a much less discussed aspect of the character: her limitations.

“I love that she’s flawed,” Larson said in a recent interview. “I love the fact that because she’s a risk taker… someone who also then falls on her face because they’re swinging big. That feels very relatable to me. I love that you see someone who doesn’t always make the right judgement call. A lot of the time with action heroes and superheroes, they’re always perfect, they always make the right call, and I think it’s important to watch people make mistakes and atone for those mistakes.”

Captain Marvel arrives in theatres on March 8. Check out the trailer below.