Spidey Swings By To Say What’s Up In The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

As maintainers of peace and order, the track record of Marvel superheroes isn’t so hot. Their all-out battles in the name of good triumphing over evil do typically result in obliterating the bad guy, but they also tend to decimate some of the world’s greatest cities: New York, Washington DC… Sokovia (which, to be fair, doesn’t actually exist).


In Captain America: Civil War, it’s the “Did I do that?” tendencies of these stampeding superhumans that’s on trial. On one side of the verdict, there’s Iron Man and his allies. On the other, there’s Captain America. Marvel released two teaser clips yesterday to illustrate exactly where the lines have been drawn:

The big reveal in this third clip (the initial trailer came out in November and a Super Bowl spot followed in February) is, of course, a first look at Tom Holland’s Spiderman. SPIDEY

 But there are other highlights, too. Like:




Plus, some pretty cool footage of Iron Man’s Extremis tech in action and some sweet fight moves courtesy of Black Widow. So, without further ado, here’s the new clip.