Can Superheroes Save The World From Donald Trump?

When 9/11 happened, many observers noted this disaster’s obvious resemblance to a Hollywood blockbuster. Based on the initial reaction to news that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, get used to noticing parallels to super-villains both real and fictional. Earlier this morning, Edgar Wright (director of the timely-titled The World’s End) tweeted out images of two unmistakably (and intentionally) Trumpian movie villains: Back to the Future Part II’s rich Biff and Gremlins 2’s Daniel Clamp.

In the aforementioned movies, the villains are vanquished by time travel and a mogwai respectively. Since those options appear to be unavailable, there’s only one clear saviour remaining: superheroes! The most obvious place to turn in the USA’s time of crisis is Captain America, but he’s not feeling especially optimistic:

What about the Hulk? Green stuff always seems to get Trump’s attention, so what’s the Hulkster got in mind?

Hand-to-hand combat is also a viable approach, but Trump has proven that he’s tough to beat in and around a wrestling ring. Here’s hoping the Hulk’s non-violent approach proves to be effective. In the meantime, prepare for many months of anything-goes uncertainty. When even Stephen King is spooked, you know you’re in a scary place.