3 Things We Just Learned From The Man Inside C-3PO

Earlier this afternoon, Anthony Daniels stopped by Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Toronto Exhibit” to chat with etalk‘s Ben Mulroney and some devoted Star Wars fans about his four-decade run as C-3PO. During the course of this half-hour conversation, Daniels shared anecdotes both familiar and fresh in a manner reminiscent of his most iconic character. Here are three things we learned from this lively discussion.

He didn’t want the role

Back when Star Wars: A New Hope was being made, Daniels needed some coaxing to meet with George Lucas, even though he perfectly fit the director’s specifications for the role. “He wanted an actor who was physically quite small, so the suit wouldn’t be huge,” says Daniels. “He wanted an actor who was good at mime who would be able to control a crazy suit… and an actor who could act I guess. He wanted to see me, and I didn’t want to see him because I was a serious stage actor. I loved the live audience. I’d never been in a film, never thought I would be in a film… but my agent made me go and see him.”

The creator of C-3PO’s costume never saw it in action

While talking about the humbling process of creating body molds, Daniels paid tribute to Liz Moore, the sculptor who created the C-3PO costume. Tragically, Moore never got a chance to see her designs in their finished form. “She died in a car accident before 3PO ever was seen on the screen,” Daniels explains, describing this as one of the most painful memories of his career. “She never got to see her work finished in the lovely way that it was.”

He has a thing for the dark side

Asked to choose between the dark side and the light, Daniels admits a certain attraction to the former. “We’re brought up to be nice, not to be mean, not to go around hurting people and all that kind of thing… and that can be very, very frustrating.” However, he admits that he ultimately embraces the light, even if his Star Wars preferences suggest otherwise. “My favourite character in the world of Star Wars is Darth Maul,” he says with villainous glee. “Totally evil. Love it. Wonderful performance by Ray Park.”

Hungry for more? Watch the entire chat with Anthony Daniels here.