Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod


Battle Pod

Star Wars fans have been known to spend exorbitantly on memorabilia, but those investments tend to pay off. In the case of the new Star Wars Battle Pods, we think they might have trouble turning a profit.

Featuring a panoramic dome screen, 5.1 channel surround sound, and a vibrating seat, this new arcade game—scheduled for a January 2016 release—is priced at roughly $37,800. If you have some kind of Brewster’s Millions-style reason to burn through cash, you might want to shell out an extra $60,800 for the premium version, which comes with… a leather seat. Where’d they get the leather, a dinosaur?

There’s no denying that this item is wildly expensive, but the news isn’t all bad: it turns out delivery is free. Even the people at Bandai Namco (who created the game) seem somewhat puzzled that they’re selling these wildly overpriced battle pods. “We are not sure if this is the first time, but it is definitely rare that our game, developed for use at arcades, goes on sale for private customers,” said a company spokesperson.

Here’s hoping the game itself is worthwhile, or some unlucky gamers are going to be stuck with an exceedingly impractical piece of furniture. Before you finalize that purchase, be sure to watch the preview below.