Did Bradley Cooper Spoil Guardians Of The Galaxy 2?

While out promoting his new film Burnt, Bradley Cooper was asked about Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2—and he may have unintentionally revealed a crucial secret. (It’s not entirely clear whether a real spoiler was leaked, but we’re offering a tentative warning anyway.) When MTV International asked who the villain might be in Guardians 2, Cooper (who voiced Rocket Raccoon in the first film) offered far more detail than Marvel or director James Gunn would have liked. “Josh Brolin’s the villain,” he said. “He’s the main villain. He was in the first one. He played what’s-his-name’s dad. You know what I’m talking about? The Dark Lord… the main guy.”


When the interviewer explained that the audience doesn’t know this yet, Cooper’s Burnt co-star Sienna Miller responded, “Oops… you just leaked a Marvel script, Bradley.” You’d expect Cooper to quickly explain this away, but his rambling response only made things worse. “No, you see him. The guy who turns around and talks to him. You know, when he turns around and he’s on with his sister and the guy turns around and says, ‘You messed up, son. You think I’m going to answer to you?’ He gets mad at his dad. No, that was in the first movie.”

The interviewer tries to let Cooper off the hook by explaining that this isn’t the character’s father, but that doesn’t stop Cooper from continuing down this path. “I think it is his dad, isn’t it? I don’t know anything, but I thought that was his dad. Maybe I misread it.” While Cooper may have unknowingly leaked vital information, it’s entirely possible that he simply confused some plot details.

In response to this clip, Gunn wrote some reassuring tweets, insisting that fans have nothing to worry about.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Gunn is simply doing damage/expectation control. To judge for yourself, watch the Cooper clip below.