We Warned You: Blood Drive Makes Its Grisly Debut

We warned you Blood Drive was coming and now it’s here. Described as a “grindhouse cinema-inspired series,” this Space exclusive premiered last night with an episode (“The F-cking Cop”) that effectively set the scene.

In the near-apocalyptic California of 1999, LA’s last good cop is forced to partner with a dangerous femme fatale in a twisted, gory cross-country death race—with cars powered by human blood. That cop is Arthur Baily (Alan Ritchson) and that femme fatale is Grace (Christina Ochoa), a jaded road warrior who offers her vehicle a human feast in the show’s opening minutes.

From there, we meet Arthur and his police partner Christopher Carson (Thomas Dominique), who find themselves confronting problems like water theft and illicit blood distribution. The police department’s motto is “we kill because we care,” and the pressure is on these officers to add 10 human teeth to their boss’s jar by Friday. Plagued by an active conscience (and no interest in dentistry), Arthur is determined to resist these orders and do whatever he can to make this city a less violent place.

Which brings us to Blood Drive, the Death Race 2000-style car race overseen by perverse master of ceremonies Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham). From the moment we meet him and hear what he has to say about “the nastiest, filthiest race in the world,” the blood starts flowing.

When our cop pals arrive on the scene, a bottle is smashed over Christopher’s head and Arthur is forced to partner with Grace in the race, thanks in part to an electronic implant inserted in his neck.

While Arthur stubbornly promises to rebel in some way, Grace makes it clear that he’s under constant surveillance, so he might as well go with the flow. While she doesn’t necessarily embrace the spirit of this brutal competition, she plans to collect the $10 million prize money, in order to help her sister in need.

In the meantime, they stumble upon a brutal assault of some cheerleaders. While Arthur manages to stop their initial attacker, a creepy competitor known as The Gentleman eventually steps in, pledging to take their fingers and tongues.

Back at the station, Christopher finds himself in some hot water, but he also starts exposing aspects of the underlying mystery that’s fuelling this whole nightmare. Eventually, he discovers cyborgs and people connected to machinery of some kind, recalling memories of two distinctly non-grindhouse influences: Coma and The Matrix.

With Grace and Arthur in last place during the home stretch of this week’s race, they find themselves on the brink of a painful punishment, but Grace recognizes that a little adrenaline could protect them from the jolts Julian is about to pump into their necks. This results in an oddity you don’t see every day: a high-speed sex scene.

Finishing in last place, this unlikely duo should be ousted from the competition, but Julian likes “a good show,” so he keeps them in the running. While Arthur tries to wrap his head around the chaos of the last 24 hours, he makes a troubling discovery about Julian and Blood Drive that re-shapes his sense of the world around him.

Tune in next Wednesday at 10e 7p for another bizarre episode of Blood Drive. In the meantime, watch “The F-cking Cop”—literally, if you stay until the end—online here.