The New Blair Witch Heads Back To The Original’s Campy, Creepy Roots

It’s been 17 years since The Blair Witch Project terrorized audiences and became one of the most successful indie films to ever hit theatres. Now, it looks like a new generation is ready to head back into the woods and get scared senseless, as Blair Witch seems to be following the original’s footsteps very closely.

Two new trailers for the for new flick show that Blair Witch sticks to The Blair Witch Project‘s vibe: The tension is immediate and adrenaline-spiking thanks to the found footage approach, and there’s plenty of creepiness to go around as a group of campers make their way through some sinister woods before encountering those familiar, haunting stick figures hanging in the trees.

All hell breaks loose, and we learn that one of the characters is searching for his sister, who disappeared in these woods, just like the three filmmakers did in the first Blair Witch film. Yeah. We’re still scared to close our eyes.

This is a welcome addition to Blair Witch lore, as the sequel that followed The Blair Witch Project, 2000’s Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, was an undisputed failure and a total disappointment, both for fans and at the box office.

If recent successes in horror—like Don’t Breathe, which blew expectations away at the box office on its opening weekend—account for anything, it’s that audiences are jonesing for a scary fix.

If Blair Witch is even half as eerie as the original, it looks like they’ll find it here. Catch Blair Witch in theaters September 16.