A New Blair Witch Trailer Means It’s Time To Be Scared Of Nature Again

You thought you got over your intense and irrational fear of the woods. You were so close to being able to go hiking again. Well, it’s time to throw all that hard work out the window, because the Blair Witch is back and she’s going to mess you up–again!

1999’s The Blair Witch Project is the one that started it all. Who would’ve thought that a found footage film made on a shoestring budget would end up being one of the most terrifying (and profitable) films of all time? Not only that, The Blair Witch Project inspired an entire new genre of horror that’s still going strong.

Which made Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 all that much more disappointing. Cheesy and silly, it totally abandoned the first film’s gritty aesthetic and just wasn’t scary. But 17 years later, it’s time to try again. The fantastic new trailer has Blair Witch fans cautiously hopeful that someone may finally be able to do justice to the classic story. That someone is Adam Wingard, director or You’re Next and The Guest. It’s safe to say this movie is in very capable hands.

We’re going back to the basics. The found-footage concept has returned in full force (updated for modern times, natch). One of the three student filmmakers who went missing in the original movie has a brother, and after discovering some newly-released footage on YouTube, he’s determined to find his sis. He and his group of (very brave) friends venture out into the woods armed with cell phones, drones, Bluetooth cameras and a GPS. Cue a new generation of movie watchers never going camping again.

There are some great callbacks to the original–we don’t want to be retreading old ground, but a respectful nod to the source material is certainly welcome. The trailer is a very hopeful glimpse of what might just turn out to be a truly worthy addition to the Blair Witch story. Come September 16, I seriously cannot wait to be completely terrified of sticks and rocks once again.