Bill Skarsgård Says The Inside Of Pennywise’s Mind Is A ‘Psychedelic Trip’


True to the spirit of his role as Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård keeps teasing It fans with terrifying clues about the sequel and his character’s untapped potential as a “trans-dimensional being.” Speaking to IGN recently, he elaborated on It: Chapter 2 and its relationship to the original.

“The first movie worked so well at what it is trying to do, I think, and ultimately that is the kids’ story,” he said. “You follow these kids and you sort of fall in love with these kids, and the second one will be the adult story. And I think the right way to do it is to make that movie actively different… I think there might be worth exploring sort of the psychological aspects of horror, but also maybe the sort of cosmological existence of this being. What is he, and where does he come from?”

Whatever the future holds for Pennywise, Skarsgård acknowledges that the best clues can probably be found in the novel itself, but the search shouldn’t stop there.

“I’m gonna get through those 1200 pages, I guess, at least one more time before going into the part two of that film,” he explained. “And, you know, it’s hardly answered in the novel, either. I mean, it’s very abstract. And I kind of like that. It could be almost a sort of surrealistic sort of psychedelic trip if you go into the mind of Pennywise. And if you’ve read the novel you know that they do actually go into his mind… and they sort of beat him in this place, which might be interesting, what that place would be, and what would it look like. There’s opportunities, I think, and I’m excited for it.”

It: Chapter 2 arrives in theatres September 6, 2019. Read our positive review for its predecessor here, and check out the trailer below.