Big Changes Could Be Coming To The Next Season Of Doctor Who

With a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new showrunner, it isn’t super surprising that there are some changes planned for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. As Jodie Whittaker takes over for Peter Capaldi and Chris Chibnall steps in to run things after Steven Moffat steps down, there are other alterations being made: like a restructuring of the entire season.

During the tenure of Doctors Nine through Eleven (that’s Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith), a season of Doctor Who spanned 13 episodes and a bonus Christmas special. The Twelfth Doctor, Capaldi, did twelve episodes and the special. But instead of going back up to thirteen for Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, the season will shrink to just ten installments. The good news is that according to a BBC insider who spoke to The Mirror, they’ll each be a full hour long instead of just 45 minutes. “It is traditional for new showrunners to come in and shake things up to stamp their mark on the show and Chris is not doing things by halves,” they told the paper.

Other rumoured changes include an updated TARDIS (both the police box exterior and the control room inside) and a new sonic screwdriver designed just for Whittaker (does that mean goodbye to the sonic Raybans? We hope not). As is the standard for every new Doctor, we’re expecting an entirely new wardrobe for Thirteen, too. As for the newest companion, theories are already surfacing about who that might be. Radio Times took a wild guess that it could be a cast member from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, onstage now in London.

You can spot Whittaker front and centre in among the play’s cast. If you can think way back to 2016, you’ll recall that Peter Capaldi made a similar backstage visit, posing for a pic with future companion Pearl Mackie. Is it a long shot? Probably, but you know there’s a bookie somewhere in London who’ll already let you bet on it.